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William Kirby was kicked out of nursery school for refusing to clap for the nomination of Richard Nixon (true story).  His activism continued through third grade, where he was suspended for naively wearing a “Year of the Grass” tee shirt given to him by a progressive aunt.  He spent his final two years of high school rigging elections for student council.


Burned out on politics, Will studied chemical engineering and astrophysics in college.  For reasons long forgotten, he took three months off his senior year to hike the Canadian Rockies with a hippy Muslim from Yemen.  Returning to school, he immediately fell for the blond sitting in the front row of Orbital Dynamics.  Insipid poetry followed (as did, eventually, marriage) after which, the only choice was to become a writer.


Will’s first work, Iapetus, was released in 1993.  He wrote for several sources in the 90s, everything from local newspapers to several pieces for Mental Floss magazine.  He spent twenty years involved in local history, as part of a losing effort to stop Colorado’s heartbreaking urban sprawl.  He researched, wrote, and scripted the multiple Heartland Emmy-Winning Legends and Oddities, a show dedicated to the stranger aspects of Colorado history.


Returning to fiction writing, he wrote the mystery Vienna, published in fall of 2015 by Tor/Forge.  He currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife, Kathryn.  They spend their free time backpacking, snowshoeing, traveling, snorkeling, and spending too much money on telescopes and other astronomical widgets.  William is currently working on his next mystery.

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