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Seeing Star Wars at thirteen began a passion for storytelling and adventure that set the tone for not just Marshal’s writing, but his life.


He spent four years in the Navy and would have stayed in had he been allowed to “winter over” in Antarctica.  Marshal trained as a commercial hard hat diver, majored in sculpture in college, lived in a tent for three months at an archaeological dig in New Mexico, and in 2016 stood alongside Sioux Water Protectors at Standing Rock battling the Dakota Access Pipeline.


He spent years doing historical reenactment, learning how real armor worked by fighting in it, swordsmanship from studying historical swordplay.  His love of the outdoors and black powder firearms eventually brought him to historical trekking, camping and hiking with only what an 18th century woodsman would carry.


His stories and writing are fueled by these passions.


In 2008, he got involved in the Steampunk community and his first book, “The Tomahawk Incident” began.


For Marshal, storytelling is about characters.  Without them, there is nothing to connect to.  Marshal has come to believe that heroes are not a breed apart.  They are ordinary women and men reacting to extraordinary circumstances.  Certainly, some are better equipped to deal with them, but they are just people.  These kinds of heroes, with their flaws and foibles, could be our next door neighbors.  They often are.  And it’s these characters who he loves to put between the hammer and anvil, driving them to face their deepest fears and rise to their greatest pinnacles.  This is what storytelling is about.  We want to see ourselves in these characters, good and bad.


Marshal lives in Edmonds, Washington with his wife Jenn and their dog Keshar.


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