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The Linn Prentis Literary Agency was formed by Linn Prentis, who had both many years of professional writing and editing experience. She went to work developing authors with the esteemed Virginia Kidd Agency, where she spent many years. This gave her the opportunity to focus on representing quality, pioneering Science Fiction and Fantasy, two favorites of hers. With the change in leadership at the Virginia Kidd Agency, Linn struck out on her own to form Linn Prentis Literary. Relying on her keen editorial sense and her eye for craftsmanship, Linn continued to solidify her reputation for representing and submitting truly valuable prose. While Linn’s client base remained largely Science Fiction and Fantasy, her interests extended far beyond, with great writing and interesting voices being her paramount passions.

Late in 2015 Linn decided to retire, and take on a more advisory role, passing the torch to both Trodayne Northern and Leslie Varney, Linn’s daughter. Trodayne had worked alongside Linn for many years, becoming both her friend and her protégé, and deeply sharing her literary sensibilities. Along with this, he had begun taking on responsibility for all aspects of running the agency, allowing for continuity in the face of Linn’s retirement. Terry worked for Linn for many years and had the mantle of the “Righthand”. Terry handled the management of the office working behind the scenes on the backend insuring all the financials ran smoothly. Terry continues to be the “Papa Bear” of our agency. Leslie is an entrepreneur with several successful businesses. She brings to the agency a fresh enthusiasm, years of business acumen and a breadth of knowledge and love of the written word. With all this in mind, Prentis Literary was formed to celebrate and expand Linn’s legacy. Combining years of agency history and invaluable experience with a new vigor, the mission of Prentis Literary is to continue to represent and support wonderful writing.

Prentis Literary is truly author focused, curating each of its writer’s careers, helping them not only to grow and increase their success, but encouraging them to define what that success looks like. There are numbers of elements that comprise our commitment to the success of each of our authors. Providing knowledge and expertise around contract negotiation is simply one important aspect of the agency role. Being an editorial resource for each of our authors is another. Helping the author with marketing is crucial in today’s publishing field. But it is transparency and partnership that we consider the cornerstones of Prentis Literary’s commitment to their authors. These are the veins that runs through all we do, from our submission process, to the sometimes requisite, substantive editing, to marketing strategy. Partnership is our purpose.

We have big innovations planned for the future. Gus, our current lead intern, heads up the social networking arm of the agency, moderating our media components, and eventually making sure our creative salon (look for it in the near future) has a constant influx of new and interesting activities and conversations.

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How We Work


It starts with a conversation, a dialogue between the clients and the agency to understand your goals as an author. Our job is to facilitate those goals.  It’s a collaborative process from the editing and preparation of your book to a conversation about what type of market you’d like your book to reach. This conversation will extend from strategy around finding the right publisher and more specifically the right editor for you, to helping you cultivate or curate a robust presence in the publishing community.



The quality of your manuscript will dictate what agency resources we will need to employ.  It may be developing the concept. It may be simple editorial proofing. It very possibly may involve  more robust editorial involvement, like helping with pacing, story arc, or character development .  Ultimately the author will be have the final say on any changes made to the manuscript before submission to the publisher. We are here to bring our critical expertise to accentuate in order to translate your unpublished manuscript into sellable work.



Contract Preparation and Review

Contract Negotiation


          Tracking and dispensing royalty checks

          Sorting tax documentation with regards to publisher payment

                 both foreign and domestic



Help with all aspects of marketing your published works, including strategic planning of social and other media, maximizing marketing budgets provided by publishers, and leveraging our in-house marketing, including accessing a network of independent booksellers and libraries.



Writer’s Board (Salon) Connecting clients with one another to discuss the process of writing, resource one another for beta reads, coordinate on collaborative opportunities, share information on the craft, discuss industry trends, convention schedules, etc.


We’re a boutique agency with the resources and passion to help you develop your career visions.

How we work


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