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WELCOME TO PRENTIS LITERARY – A boutique author focused agency with a passion for words and the innovative voices that put those words to good use. Prentis Literary grew out of Linn Prentis’ love of authors and the written word.  The agency has always centered on finding homes for books she was passionate about. And many a time passion has led us to love and represent and sell books that defy pat definition.  Linn Prentis made a fine and lasting reputation in publishing and with a mandate to honor and build on that after her retirement, Prentis Literary was formed. With Linn initially serving in an advisory capacity, Trodayne, Leslie and Terry set out to merge the old with the new. Prentis Literary represents a wide range of fiction as well as some limited non-fiction work. While we obviously are seeking the commercially successful, we also demand good writing which we admire that sparks our passion. We feel those two things go pretty well together. Please wander around our genre page and get a sense of the type of fiction and non-fiction that interests us.


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